About the Journal

Molecular medicine relies on interdisciplinary approaches that are a prerequisite for a better understanding of molecular mechanisms of disease and translate into better approaches to prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. Bridging physiology and molecular biology, and molecular therapeutics, Molecular Medicine Letters publishes basic research that furthers our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease and translational studies that convert this knowledge into therapeutic approaches.

 Aim and Scope
Molecular Medicine Letters is an interdisciplinary journal focused on providing the readership with current and comprehensive articles on fundamental molecular mechanisms of disease pathogenesis, the development of molecular-diagnosis and/or novel approaches to rational treatment. The articles should be of significant interest to basic researchers and clinical investigators in molecular medicine. The aim of the journal is to facilitate communication between groups of highly trained professionals with distinct backgrounds and skills, whose common goals are to understand and explain the molecular basis of disease with a view to new clinical practice.

A spectrum of topics in medicine will be selected to illustrate not only the molecular insights that derive from the application of basic science, but also the variety of challenging problems that medicine is able to offer the basic scientist. The topics includes Gene structure, function and regulation; Molecular mechanisms of genetic recombination; Recombinant nucleic acid technology and gene therapy, Immunotherapeutics, Drug design, Vaccines, Genetic testing, Pathogenesis, Microbiology, Epidemiology, Signal transduction, Cell proliferation, differentiation and development, Regenerative medicine apoptosis, Diagnostics and techniques. The journal also covers the experimental biochemistry in medicine, including the regulatory mechanisms of body functions; structural biology and interaction between proteins and/or nucleic acids.