Objective: To formulate extended release gentamicin-entrapped lipospheres using natural lipids from Irvingia wombolu (IWF) and Moringa oleifera seed (MO) popularly known as Ben oil.
Methods: Different lipid combinations including IWF and Phospholipon 90H (P90H) and IWF and MO were employed in the formulation of lipospheres. The formulations were analysed for particle size, encapsulation efficiency (EE), pH stability and antimicrobial studies amongst other tests. Also the in vitro release properties were studied in Phosphate buffer pH 7.2.
Results: High EE of up to 90 % were obtained for the various LM combinations. The pH was stable over 30 days and the formulations showed about 93 % release of gentamicin at 12 h. Lipospheres formulated with MO matrices showed synergism in the microbial inhibition than other formulations.
Conclusion: Natural lipids from Irvingia wombolu and Moringa oleifera seed could be used in formulating oral extended release gentamicin lipospheres.