One case of 54 years old female patient was admitted to hospital due to vomiting and diarrhea for 3 days and abnormal renal function for 1 day. The patient appeared repeatedly vomiting and watery stools 6 hours after eating 2 grain of raw carp fish bile and gradually appeared oliguresis, whole body skin yellow dye and fever symptoms. The condition of patient had no improvement after visiting the emergency department of local county hospital. She was checked in department of nephropathy in our hospital for further diagnosis and treatment. Because the patient's condition was serious and the function of liver and kidney was damaged, diagnosed as severe multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), she was transferred to ICU rescue to protect the liver, maintain water and electrolyte balance, control blood sugar, improve the circulation and give other drug treatments and actively carry out bedside continuous renal replacement therapy. Then the body temperature and hemogram of the patients became normal, liver and kidney function improved obviously, urinary production became normal, skin yellow dye faded and vital signs became stable. The successful treatment of this patient indicated that bedside continuous renal replacement therapy can not only have a good support for the kidneys but also reduce the waterfall effect of inflammatory of patients with severe MODS, which has great therapeutic effect on the multi organ dysfunction caused by fish bile poisoning.