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The Role of Virtual Surgical Planning in Increasing the Predictability in Orthognathic Surgery

Quereshy F., Levintov N., Nguyen J., DeLeonibus M., Demko C., Bazina M., Valiathan M., Baur D.

Di George syndrome: Catch 22 (A case report)

Bector A., Dogra M., Rajpal S.

Angiomyolipoma of the Oral Cavity: A Rare Case Report

Amanpour S., Zarei M., R., Faryabi J., Ahrari A.

A Conservative Treatment Approach to Unilateral Sinusitis with a Cutaneous Fistula

ventin R.,ón Martín S., Juarez I., Mesalles A., Lopez del Moral j., Lopez Piriz R.

Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers: Experience from a Tertiary Care Center

Esquivel-Pedraza L., Fernández-Cuevas L., Milke-García M.,ía Cicero-Casarrubias A., Ruelas-Villavicencio A., Saeb-Lima M., Reyes-Castillo Món., Domínguez-Cherit J., Vizcaíno-Tapia G., Méndez-Flores S.

Nevus of Ota with Intraoral Involvement: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Esquivel-Pedraza L., Fernández-Cuevas L., Cicero-Casarrubias A., García-de la Cruz J., Méndez-Flores S.

A Recurrence of a Giant Odontogenic Keratocyst: Radiographic Follow-Up

Mendez L., Martinez R., Echavarria D., Gonzalez R.

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