Vol. 5 No. 1 (2019)
Case Report

Patient with Metastatic Process in the Skeleton of Unknown Etiology

Majerníková M
Internal Department, Nemocnice Znojmo, Czechia
Sedláček J
Internal Department, Nemocnice Znojmo, Czechia
Monhart Z
Internal Department, Nemocnice Znojmo, Czechia
Published May 7, 2019


Bearing bone involvement is a possible sign of generalization variety of cancers. In many cases the process of bearing skeletal diagnosed at the time when the primary tumor is not obvious. The task of the physician is quickly to determine whether it is a benign process or not, and diagnosis of the primary process by which then determine the further progress of therapy. The search for causative bearing shell process, alternatively the primary tumor, is often common practice in the hands of internist. Departments of Clinical Oncology do not have to have sufficient capacity for complex treatment all of newly discovered deposits skeleton whose nature does not have to be always initially clear. Therefore, in the opinion of the authors in these cases, the role of internist as a significant diagnosis very important In our article, we introduce six case reports of patients who were bearing the ambiguous process of investigation of the skeleton in our department in 2014. In accordance with the literature data were represented kidney tumor, multiple myeloma, chondrosarcoma, and in one case the origo malignant process was not found.