Vol. 1 No. 1 (2018)
Case Report

Raising Emotionally Healthy and Resilient Children: Consciously Connecting with Kids

Hatch J
Level I nursery at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro, MA, United States

Published 2018-05-20


  • Parenting;,
  • Mindfulness;,
  • Conscious connection;,
  • True nature;,
  • Behavior;,
  • Emotional health;
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Parents are feeling more challenged in raising kids today than in years past. The challenge is in coping with difficultbehavior. Statistics show that an increasing number of children are being diagnosed with and treated for behavioralor emotional issues. Behavior is a manifestation of something deeper going on in the child. By tapping into this deepercore of the child and seeing their inner spirit, their true nature, then one can better understand where the behavioris coming from. The Chinese medicine 5-element model is a useful tool in identifying a child’s inner nature. Using andapplying this model to children allows heightened awareness and mindfulness in parenting. Mindful parenting is animportant component to raising emotionally healthy and resilient children. This deeper conscious connection canbring about positive changes for easier behavior and easier parenting.