Vol. 4 No. 1 (2021): Current Issue

Collaborative Amphia Science C19: Optimizing COVID-19 research in the Netherlands

Annemarie JBM de Vos
Amphia Hospital, Amphia Academy, Department of Science
Published January 18, 2021


Since March 2020 the Amphia Hospital, Breda in the Netherlands has been at the forefront of patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist health professionals and researchers we initiated a task force to optimize COVID-19 related research by coordinating COVID-19 related scientific projects and promoting collaboration between the different disciplines in the Amphia Hospital. Within the task force three separate teams were formed with their own dedicated tasks and responsibilities in the development and use of the COVID-19 database. Approximately fifty COVID-19 related studies have started in the Amphia Hospital. In addition, we participated in a variety of clinical trials for COVID-19-treatment and executed retrospective and observational studies. Moreover, the Amphia Hospital collaborated in national and international cohorts and initiatives because of our COVID-19 database. The joint effort to optimize COVID-19 related research in the Amphia Hospital contributed to improved interdisciplinary collaboration, and promoted new initiatives regarding interdisciplinary research. The task force members experienced equality and professional acknowledgment through the establishment of the Amphia COVID-19 Collaborative Group.