Vol. 2 No. 1 (2019)

Course Evaluation of Makeup Therapy Practice: -From 5-year Period Surveys-

Kudo K
Japan University of Health Sciences, Japan
Kumasaka T
Japan University of Health Sciences, Japan
Fujisawa H
Japan University of Health Sciences, Japan

Published 2019-02-06


  • Nursing education,
  • Course evaluation,
  • Student evaluations,
  • Makeup therapy


Interest in complementary and alternative medicine/therapy is on the rise, and their inclusion in nursing education is increasing. The overcrowding of curriculum in basic nursing education is continuing and an insufficient amount of time is secured. In order to improve the quality of the practice, it is necessary to evaluate the contents and to improve it. Therefore, the research was conducted to clarify the improvement points of the Makeup Therapy practice, over the 5-year period from 2014 to 2018. The average score for all questions by year was 4.71 or higher in 5-stage evaluation. Compared to other subscales, independent participation by students was a high ratio of students who answered “doesn’t apply well”, and “doesn’t apply at all”. This study clarified that the makeup therapy exercise had been highly evaluated for five years. And it has become clear that the practice was developed to be easy to understand in terms of purpose and significance. In addition, it also clarified improvement points for further evaluation. Consideration of time distribution and teaching methods that can draw out the subjectivity of the students will improve the quality of the Makeup Therapy practice.