Vol. 1 No. 1 (2018)

EVU and the 3 Bs: A Nurse’s Role on Impacting Cultural Health

Andrea Jimmerson
BSN Emergency Department, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, USA

Published 2018-01-02


How many layers do you wear? The beauty of humans lies in the many complexities which create humanity, thelayers which complete us. Picture a banana. It is hard and waxy, if left unpeeled; one would never find the deliciousfruit inside. The banana represents culture, peel back the layers, and find the beauty within the whole. Understandingthe complexity of a person’s culture can assist the provider or person in advocating for a greater good for both theindividual and the society they participate in. Various cultures migrate to the United States every year, and the healthof those immigrants has been affected, many times negatively. The decline in immigrant health, compounded by thecurrent political environment, and the arrival immigrants and refugees into the Des Moines, Iowa area sparked theinterest of the author.