About the Journal


The Integrative Human Virology Journal helps in enriching the standards of researchers, practitioners and readers by providing them with articles reviewing conceptual or technological advances in diverse areas of virology. This is an international journal publishing papers that directly pertains to virus-induced clinical conditions under the major headings of: Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Detection, and Prevention and Treatment. The journal covers a broad spectrum of topics, from descriptions of newly discovered viruses, to studies of virus structure, composition, and genetics, to studies of virus interactions with host cells, organisms and populations.

Aim and Scope

Although this is a time of unequalled advancement in global health, recent years have seen viral outbreaks of unprecedented scale, severity and complexity. Advances in virology research are occurring at an unprecedented rate and it is now possible to determine viral–host interactions during infection in a unprecedented level of detail.

The aim of the journal is to provide a service to the scientific community by publishing the original scientific papers on fundamental as well as applied research concerning viruses affecting humans, animal, plant and insects. These include reports describing the characterization, diagnosis, epidemiology, immunology and pathogenesis of virus infections, as well as basic studies on virus morphology, genetics, replication and host-cell interactions.

The journal will also publish articles on molecular aspects of the control and prevention of viral infections with vaccines and antiviral agents and on the use of viruses as gene therapy vectors, as well as research on other agents such as prions. The journal provides fundamental new information obtained in studies using cross-disciplinary approaches in many disciplines.