Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Current Issue

Endoscopy lists Distribution between Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology: What’s The Impact on Work Force?

Mahmood T
Consultant Gastroenterologist, National Health Service, United Kingdom
Shoaib M
Gastroentrology Middle Grade, United Kingdom
Published August 28, 2018


Background: Minimum number of endoscopic procedures must be done to maintain accreditation as an endoscopist.
Aims and Objectives: This study aimed to look at the general distribution of endoscopic procedures amongst physician gastroenterologists and the surgeons in a sample district hospital of United Kingdom. It would then infer what impact this could have on the work force.
Methods: Prospective study recruited all endoscopy done in a district general hospital of United Kingdom for 90 days.
Results: Physicians had 30% less lists while Surgeons had 47.5% more lists according to the eligibility criterion of two lists per consultant per week.
Conclusion: Predominance of surgeons doing procedures in endoscopy has a potential of having a direct impact on training of medical gastroenterologists, service delivery and recruitment. Authorities must find correct balance of medical and surgical lists in endoscopy for a cost effective and clinically effective service.