Published: 2020-12-31

Potential of Ginger as a Cure to Incurable Diseases

Shah S, Dukariya G, Kumar A (Author)


Role of Micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals) in COVID-19

Kinal Bhatt, Azmat M, Subhan M, Khawaja UA, Thevuthasan S, Mathew A, Khan I, Agadi K, Vazquez Z, Garcia D (Author)


Does Physical Activity Improve Ageing and/or Excess Calorie Induced Cognitive Impairment of Male Humans?

Aindrila Das, Samir Kumar Ghosh, Goutam Paul, Mrinal Kanti Poddar (Author)


The Consumption of Salmon Trout as a Risk Factor for Hepatic Steatosis in Murines

Canthaxanthin as a risk for steatosis.

Marta Maciel, Juliana Latini, Marina Souto, Isabella Vilela, Flávia Calixto, Kátia Lenzi-Almeida (Author)


Effect of airflow conditions on growth and simultaneously DHA and Squalene production by Aurantiochytrium sp. PRA-276

Maria do Castelo Paulo, Coutinho J, Saraiva JA, Pinto CA, Amaral R, Melo MMR, Pinheiro J, Lemos MFL, Cardoso C, Sapatinha M, Bandarra NM (Author)