Is It Possible To Induce The "Spontaneous Regression" Of Cancer? A Mechanism of Activation for the Innate Immune Response

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Jozef Oleksyszyn


The article deals with a theoretical model  of the mechanism of the spontaneous regression of tumor, involving the activation of innate immune response. After stimulation the cells of the immune system, use glycolysis for ATP synthesis.  Lactic acid, the final product of glycolysis, acts as inhibitor of such activation. Therefore, highly glycolytic cancerous cells form the environment (hypoglycemia with high level of lactic acid), which is strongly inhibitory to immune cells activation. Starvation, KD (ketogenic diet) and Coley’s toxin induce hypoglycemia and in the long term should also lower lactic acid level. After a few days of such treatment the glucose level could increase naturally due to gluconeogenesis or by the application of significant dose of glucose. Such procedure should induce activation of immune cells response (high glucose and low lactic acid levels) and a spontaneous regression of cancer. If lactic acid concentration remained still too high and thus inhibit the activation of immune cells, the organism would require alkalization because sodium lactate is not inhibitory  to the activation of immune cells. The model explains the cases of spontaneous regression described in literature and could be easily verified  experimentally.


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