Poster Preparation of Schizandirin-Rich Fraction from Schisandrachinensis Fruit

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SooMuk Cho
Da Eun Jung
Kyung A Hwang
In Guk Hwang
Jin Song


Schizandrinis an antioxidativelignanfound in Schisandrachinensisis. This study presents a simple protocol for the preparationof schizandrin-rich fraction with high antioxidative properties from a selected magnolia berry, Schisandrachinensis inKorea. Schizandrin concentrates were prepared from crude 70% ethanolic extract with ionic exchanger, dianion HP-20 elutedprogressive solvent systems( 20%, 50% and 80% methanol, and then 50%, 80% acetone) and evaluated the yield by HPLC withELSD.80% methanolic fraction was found to contain significantly higher level of schizandrin (7.6 mg/10ml) and the yield was59%.


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