Poster Personalized Diet Effect in Pregnant Obese or Overweight Women

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Karen Vianey Sandoval G
Efren Rene Nieves R


Overweight and obesity are an excessive accumulation of adipose tissue harmful for health. The period of pregnancyrepresents the most intense period of growth and development: the way it is presented depends of factors that are mostlypossible to modify, among them stands out the nutritional status. In this work, it was determined if the implementation of apersonalized diet for three months improved the nutritional status of pregnant women with overweight and obesity in theUMF. No. 56. The study was longitudinal prospective in 53 patients who were given a specific diet, according to their particularcharacteristics; it was evaluated the characteristics of the correct diet, 24 hours recall, frequency of food consumption, bodyweight and biochemical indicators. The actual weight, projected weight and real weight were compared. McNemar and KruskalWallistest were applied with 95% confidence level. The average of pre gestational BMI was 28.5 kg/m2. At the end of the studythe pregnant women improved the correct diet characteristics: the complete one (9.4% to 60.4%), the recommended percentageof lipids adequacy (7.5% to 45.3%), and active physical activity (22.6% to 54.7%). The ideal gestational weight was not reached,however, there was a control in the weight gain reflected in a projected weight bigger than real in each intervention. No significantchanges in the biochemical indicators. (p>0.05). The implementation of a personalized diet improved the nutritional status ofpregnant women with overweight and obesity in their eating patterns and gestational weight control.Biography:Karen Sandoval: She studied the career of Nutrition and Food Science in Universidad Iberoamericana, did her social serviceand professional practices in UMF No. 56, where she was the responsible of giving individual/group food counseling; also shewas in charge of the research “Personalized diet effect in pregnant obese or overweight women”. Diploma program in Educatorstraining in diabetes in 2016. Has participated in Nutrition programs for adolescents; and worked as a food service supervisorat American Axle Co.Efren Nieves: He studied Medicine in Nayarit´s University, Specialist in Family medicine and Master´s degree in Sustainabilityin education-management and administration in health systems. He started working at the Mexican Social Security Institute in2001, currently he is the Clinical coordinator of education and research. He has done and participated in several investigationsrelated to nutrition and kidney problems caused by obesity, which have been published in national and international medicaljournals.


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