Poster Maternal Perception of Children According to Nutritional Status and Ethnicity in Lautaro, Chile

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Fabiola Godoy Leal


Obesity is a public health problem worldwide, decreases life expectancy by generating high social and economic costs (1).Chile ranks sixth in terms of obesity among countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) with 25.1% of obesity (2). In the Chilean school population, obesity exceeds 40% and primary studies shows that 1 of4 children is obese (3), despite the strategies to face obesity, the results are disappointing. Among the risk factors for obesityin school children is the inadequate maternal perception of the nutritional status of their children, it is important to identifythe appreciation of the nutritional status of the mothers regarding their children, the distortion in the nutritional status ofthem is a factor for the maintenance or increase of obesity and contributes negatively in the nutritional interventions thathave the purpose of reducing overweight or obesity in the school population. The objective of this research is to determinethe maternal perception of children according to nutritional status and ethnicity in Lautaro city, Chile. The word perceptionsurvey was applied to pre-school and school mothers in the commune of Lautaro. Most studies related to the nutritional statusof schoolchildren focus on urban areas, excluding the school population of the Mapuche ethnic group living in rural areas. Theresults show that mothers with children with normal or low birth weight have a real estimate of their weight, however, mostmothers with overweight children underestimate the nutritional status of their children, regardless of their ethnic origin. Sothey will have less adherence to medical and nutritional treatments change the lifestyle in their homes.Biography:Fabiola Godoy Leal, Nutritionist and Master in Psychology, Universidad de La Frontera, Temuco. Postgraduate in HealthPromotion, Universidad de Chile. Nutritionist Family Health Center Dr. Cristóbal Sáenz Cerda de Lautaro from 2007 to thepresent. Lecturer Seminary Universidad Santo Tomás, years 2015-2017. Participation Internal Project UST, year 2016. Activemember of Chilean Society of Nutrition.


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