Significance of CIN85 Analysis in Nutritional Study

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Noriaki Shimokawa


Nutritional and metabolic processes involve numerous pathways. It is highly significant to clarify the presence and function of signaling molecules involved in each pathway. A Cbl-interacting protein of 85 kDa (CIN85) belongs to a family of ubiquitously expressed adaptor/scaffold proteins. CIN85 is a multiadaptor protein implicated in the regulation of receptor endocytosis, cell division, and the cellular cytoskeleton. Mice deficient in brain-specific CIN85 expression shows aberrant dopamine signaling; insufficient complex formation of endophilins with D2 dopamine receptors (D2DRs) in the striatum, an important center for the coordination of animal behavior and ultimately decreased D2DR endocytosis in striatal neurons in response to dopamine stimulation. As a result, CIN85-deficient mice exhibit the hyperactive phenotype. Here, we show other phenotypes of CIN85 deficient-mice; low levels of bone mineral density and blood glucose. From a perspective of nutritional research, the analysis of CIN85 and its deficiency in mice may lead to new developments in nutritional study.


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