Oral Evaluation of Malnutrition Risk in General Surgery Clinic Inpatients

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Alev Keser
Esma Asil
Mustafa Volkan Yilmaz
Ezgi Karatas
Sinem Erem
Eren Canbolat
Jiyan Aslan Ceylan
A. Ozfer Ozcelik


Malnutrition of inpatients, who applied to hospital for any reason, negatively effects the success ofthe treatment, may prolong the time needed for recovery and thereforemay extend duration of stay in hospital. The purposeof this study is to evaluate prevalence of malnutrition and to identify the patient group who under the risk of malnutrition ingeneral surgery clinic patients. Method: The study conducted on all patients (n=131) who was inpatient in general surgeryclinic without noticing their duration of stay in May 2015. Patient who didn’t cooperate are excluded to ensure data plausibility.General informations were questioned, Nutrition Risk Screening 2002 (NRS 2002) and Subjective Global Assessment (SGA)applied to evaluate nutritional risk and to determine degree of malnutrition, respectively, by well-trained dietitians. Accordingto SGD scores patients grouped into “mild to moderate” and “severe malnutrition”.


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