oral Is there a relationship between obesity and grades in high school students?

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Anastasia Snelling


We explored the relationship between television viewing time, physical activity level, food consumption patterns, andacademic performance of adolescents in a large urban school district in the United States where health disparities areprevalent, particularly among minority residents. The 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey was used to analyze the relationshipbetween academic grades and physical activity patterns and food consumption in a large urban school district serving over77,000 students. Results indicated that students who self-reported grades of As and Bs had higher levels of physical activity andless screen time compared to students who reported grades of Ds and Fs. Further, as grades decreased the consumption of sodaand fast food increased. Higher grades track significantly with improved physical activity and lower intake of soda and fast food.These findings provide additional support for the role of regular physical activity and healthful eating practices and its positiveeffect on academic performance


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