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Ketevan Asatiani


Obesity is a gateway to serious and even life-threatening conditions. It’s an epidemic which affects the health of millions ofpeople worldwide. Treating obesity is crucial as it will ultimately result in the prevention of many related chronic diseasesand will decrease morbidity and mortality. The list of possible complications or concomitant diseases is vast and alarming.Lifestyle intervention is the basis for the treatment of overweight and obesity, whenever possible. Despite the fact that treatmentof obesity is very thankless, because the patient always requires or is awaiting for the stable result in a very short time-period,or is awaiting for the “miracle’ of minus 20 kg in 2 weeks, and the lifelong change of the lifestyle is not his/her aim, still therewill be always a group of ‘manageable’ patients who - change their lifestyle and will follow the “eat smart strategies” lifelong.Weight loss objectives should always be realistic, individualized, and aimed at the long term. The transdisciplinary approaches,including dietary, exercise and behavior modifications, while also consider psychosocial characteristics of patients are of greathelp. We have always to remember that - Obesity is a chronic disease, a follow-up and continued supervision is necessary toprevent weight regain, and to monitor disease risks and treat co-morbidities. We know that without essential changes in lifestyleit’s impossible. Here we try once again to clarify all those “healthy lifestyle steps/tips” which all of our obese patients shouldknow and follow.


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