Obesity Phisiopathology: Current Perspectives

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Antonio Jesús Sánchez-Oliver


Obesity is a global health problem, being considered one of the most serious and prevalent non-communicable diseases of the 21st century. It is currently understood as a multifactorial chronic condition associated with potentially serious complications whose treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach, given its huge clinical impact and associated health-carecost. Besides, properly tackling obesity requires a founded knowledge of its specific physiopathology is required. Together withthe rise in adiposity, a series of cellular processes happen, which cause several metabolic changes that drive to a vicious circle ofvisceral fat increase. This process in enhanced by genetic and environmental factors associated to multiple diseases (metabolic,cardiovascular, osteoarticular, etc.) that increase morbidity and mortality. The aim of this review is to introduce the currentperspectives on obesity physiopathology in a simple and didactic manner, in order to contribute to a better approach by thedifferent professionals that work with obesity in their everyday practice.


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