Review Article-Maternal Overweight /Obesity And Associated Risks

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Meena Godhia
Dhanashree Sawant


Obesity is a risk factor for wide number of health problems. These problems can be avoided by losing the excess weight thus maintaining a normal BMI. Obesity in pregnancy can have adverse impacts not only on maternal but fetal health also. The worldwide increase in obesity especially in women of reproductive age group is associated with several obstetric complications such as gestational diabetes, macrosomia, shoulder dystocia,etc. A healthy pre-pregnancy BMI and appropriate weight gain during pregnancy is considered to be a preventive strategy to avoid  these complications. Moreover maternal nutrition during pregnancy can have a direct impact on fetal health. Several strategies like pre-conception counseling, healthy lifestyle, educating young girls, weight loss prior to pregnancy etc. can be adopted. Screening of women before pregnancy and creating awareness is a key to limit the occurrences of such complications.


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