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Journal of Nutritional Biology (ISSN: 2469-4142) is an international open access journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles in all areas of nutrition. The aim of JNB is to emphasize the current research work going on nutritional concepts. JNB comprises all nutritional science topics including human nutrition, dietary issues, epidemiology, endocrinology, nutritional requirements, metabolic studies, energetics, obesity, ageing, cell biology, immunology, genetics, microbiology and more. Gratis provides an international forum and refereed authoritative source of scientific information in the field of Nutritional Sciences. Gratis policy is to publish work considered by peer reviewers in a systematic process to expand scientific knowledge and to put less prominence on interest levels, provided that this work comprises a useful contribution to the field.

Why publish your article in Journal of Nutritional Biology?

Gratis open access policy allows maximum visibility of articles published in the journal as they are available to whole global audience. Journal of Nutritional Biology offers a fast publication schedule where every work undergoes rigorous peer review; all articles must be submitted online, and peer review is managed fully electronically (articles are distributed in PDF form, which is automatically generated from the submitted files). Articles will be published with their final citation after acceptance, in both full text and as a formatted PDF.

latest articles

Sacran, a High-molecular Weight Polysaccharide Inhibits Renal Injury and Oxidative Stress in Chronic Renal Failure Model Rats

Goto M., Iohara D., Kaneko S., Higashi T., Motoyama K., Arima H., Maruyama T., Uekama K., Hirayama F., Anraku M., Otagiri M.

Changes in Serum Fatty Acids Levels during Pregnancy and After Delivery in a Longitudinal Study

Bohorquez-Villamizar L., Garcés M., Poveda N., Sanchez E., Alvarado-Quintero H., Sandoval-Alzate Héc., Rueda E., Dieguez C., Nogueiras R.,én Caminos J.

Vitamin D: Controversy Cancer and Beyond

Rosales C., J Bandyopadhyay D.

Balanced Essential Micronutrients during Pregnancy: High Concern

Bashetti S., SaiSailesh K., Varma A., Vijayaraghavan R.

Maternal Education Household’s Wealth and Child Mortality in Rural Nigeria

Waheed M A., Oluwatosin B A., Kehinde O O., Adebayo I O.

Advances in Genetic Improvement of Meat Quality Traits in Pig

Vashi Y., Naskar S., Banik S., Mandal P. K.

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