Vol. 6 No. 1 (2020): Current Issue
Case Report

Pediatric Pilocytic Astrocytoma : A Rare Case of Intramedullary Location

Amine Trifa
CHU Kremlin Bicetre

Published 2021-10-28


Pilocytic astrocytoma is the benign form of astrocytomas. It represents a classic tumor of the posterior fossa in children. Its intraspinal localization is much less well known. We report a case of intra-medullary pilocytic astrocytoma occurring in an 11-year-old girl presenting gait disorders with progressive weakness in legs for 2 months associated with gestational disorders of both upper limbs and vesico-sphincteric disorders.  The neurologic examination revealed decreased muscle strength of lower extremities (spastic paraparesis) with peripheral brachial diplegia. Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spine MRI were performed. The cranial MRI revealed no pathologic Changes. Spinal MRI revealed an intramedullary lesion ranging from the medullary bulbo junction to D4. After antiedema treatment with steroids, C1–T4  laminectomy and total resection of the lesion was performed. Pathologic specimen obtained at surgery was reported as WHO Grade I pilocytic astrocytoma.