2nd World Congress and Expo on Nanotechnology and Material Science April 04-06, 2016 at Dubai, UAE
Conference Proceedings

Poster Sorption Of Methylene Blue From Aqueous Solution by Orange Peel

Ouarda Moumeni
University of Souk Ahras Mohammed Cherif Messaadia
Oualid Hamdaoui
University of Annaba

Published 2018-01-01


In this study, orange peel, an agricultural waste, was evaluated for its suitability for the removal of Methylene blue, a cationicdye, from aqueous solutions.The experienced natural waste is orange peel which falls within the range of citrus peel, and thatcan be in competition with conventional materials: coal, silica, alumina etc. The characterization of this material has shown thepossibility of its developing. The tests were carried out on the methylene blue, they showed a remarkable elimination in the first10 minutes. The influence of various experimental parameters, such as the initial concentration of the dye, adsorbent dose andtemperature on dye removal was discussed. Experimental results showed that the adsorption of methylene blue 10 mg/L, 0.2 gin orange peels attained 95% at ambient temperature.