2nd World Congress and Expo on Nanotechnology and Material Science April 04-06, 2016 at Dubai, UAE
Conference Proceedings

Oral Design and in vivo Validations of Nanosytems in Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering and Molecular Imaging

Didier Letourneur
Institut Galilée, University Paris

Published 2018-01-01


This presentation intends to present polysaccharide-based matrices for regenerative medicine and as drug delivery systemsand targeted contrast agents for molecular imaging with an emphasis on cardiovascular pathologies.We will present exemples of innovative nano medical imaging tools. In the context of atherothrombotic diseases, there is aneed for new approaches for early diagnosis and improved therapies. This is the focus of NanoAthero, an European large scaleproject, started in February 2013. The aim is to demonstrate that nanotechnologies can be developed and clinically proven tobe effective in tackling cardiovascular diseases. The NanoAthero consortium is a unique opportunity to extend the frontiers ofknowledge on atherothrombosis management. NanoAthero aims to demonstrate the preliminary clinical feasibility of the useof nanosystems for targeted imaging and treatment of advanced atherothrombotic disease in humans. NanoAthero combinesin-depth knowledge of nanocarrier bioengineering and production with state-of-the-art expertise in imaging and treatment ofcardiovascular patients providing a full framework of 16 partners within one collaborative European consortium (16 partnersfrom 10 countries - see http://www.nanoathero.eu/).We will also present how to use nanomaterials for regenerative medicine. Indeed, adhesion by aqueous nanoparticle solutionscan be used in vivo in rats to achieve rapid and strong closure and healing of deep wounds in skin and liver. Nanoparticles canalso be used to fix polymer membranes to tissues even in the presence of blood flow, such as occurring after liver resection,yielding permanent hemostasis within a minute. Furthermore, medical devices and tissue engineering constructs could be fixedto organs such as a beating heart.