Syringe Mouth-Guard for Oesophagogastroscopy (OGD) with Restricted Oral Access

  • Anjan K Banerjee Departments of Colorectal Surgeryand Endoscopy, Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth
  • Patrick S Goggin Department of Gastroenterology, Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth
Keywords: Oesophagogastroscopy, Safety, Dental, Mouth, Protection


Endoscopy mouth-guards are available in a range of sizes to protect the patient’s mouth and teeth, as well as the endoscope, in Oesophagogastroscopy (OGD). Although they are available in a range of sizes which cover the vast majority of procedures, they are too large in a small number of patients with restricted oral access. This short technical note describes the use of a cut flange end of a 10 ml syringe which can be adapted as a safe mouth guard for adult oesophogastroscopy.

Short Communication