Integrative Biomedical Sciences is an open access, peer-reviewed journal and publishes articles that encompass all fundamental and molecular and cellular aspects of basic medical sciences in vitro and in vivo, emphasizing on providing the molecular and cellular studies of various diseases and their related prevention and therapeutics. Integrative Biomedical Sciences aims to provide most authentic and complete source of information on current developments in fields of integrative biomedical sciences and molecular medicine that include novel concepts and mechanisms, new methods, new regimens, and new therapeutic agents for various diseases.

IBS mainly focuses on following topics, but are not limited to:

    Molecular and cellular aspects in various diseases
    Molecular biology
    Molecular medicine
    Functional food factor

Why publish your article in Integrative Biomedical Sciences?

Gratis open access policy allows maximum visibility of articles published in the journal as they are available to whole global audience. Integrative Biomedical Sciences offers a fast publication schedule where every work undergoes rigorous peer review; all articles must be submitted online, and peer review is managed fully electronically (articles are distributed in PDF form, which is automatically generated from the submitted files). Articles will be published with their final citation after acceptance, in both full text and as a formatted PDF.