Published: 2018-01-30

Oral Nanoelectronics with Spin

S. Selberherr, T. Windbacher, A. Makarov, J. Ghosh, V. Sverdlov


Oral Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: Synthesis in Hydrocarbon Flames and Their Applications in Solar Cells

Zulkhair Mansurov, Moldir Auyelkhankyzy, Nikolay Prikhodko, Bakhytzhan Lesbayev


Oral Gold Multiplexing in Immunoassays

HP Deigner, L. Kaiser, T. Peter, M. Koh, N. Navneet, S. Buss, LJ Jacob, C. Ruppert


Oral Synergistic antileishmanial and immunomodulatory activity of nanoliposomal artemisinin

Afrin F, Asoke P. Chattopadhyay, Hassan A. Hemeg, Hani. A. Ozbak, Islamuddin M, Chouhan G, Want MY


Oral Bioinspired materials templates by nature species

Di Zhang, Jiajun Gu, Wang Zhang, Qinglei Liu, Shenming Zhu, Huilan Su


Oral Interfacial Lithium Storage in Graphene/Metal Oxide and Sulphide

Enzuo Liu, Chunsheng Shi, Naiqin Zhao, Jiamei Wang, Yagang lv, Biao Chen


Oral Structural modeling and mechanical behavior of particle reinforced metal matrix composites

Yishi Su, Zhiqiang Li, Qiang Guo, Dingbang Xiong, Genlian Fan, Di Zhang


Oral Bioinspired Graphene-Copper Matrix Nanocomposites

Ding-Bang Xiong, Mu Cao, Guo Qiang, Tan Zhanqiu, Fan Genlian, Li Zhiqiang, Zhang Di


Oral Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobial Nanosilver

Cindy Gunawan, Elizabeth J. Harry, Wey Yang Teoh, Christopher P. Marquis, Rose Amal


Oral Morphological, Structural and Optical Properties of Porous Silicon Nanowires (PSiNWr) Film Elaborated on N-Si Substrate

YADDADEN Chafiaa, M. A. Benamar, N. Gabouze, M. Berouaken, S. Sam, A. Keffous, L. Guerbouze


Oral In-line Surface Metrology for Roll to Roll Manufacture of Thin Film Barrier

Hussam Muhamedsalih, Liam Blunt, Mohamed Elrawemi, Haydn Martin, Feng Gao, X. Jiang, Ivo Hamersma, David Bird


Oral Polar catastrophe by fractional charge differences

A. Albar, H. A. Tahini, U. Schwingenschlögl


Oral Generalized Heisenberg Algebra and coherent states

Yassine Hassouni, E. M. F. Curado, M. A. Rego Monteiro



S. S. Bukalov, L.A. Leites


Oral Cesium growth and characterization on the SrTiO3(100) surface: Water adsorption

D. Vlachos, M. M. Kamaratos, E. Giotopoulou, S. D. Foulias


Oral Cubic Boron Nitride Reinforced Sialon Nano-Composites by Spark Plasma Sintering

Abbas Saeed Hakeem, Bilal Anjum Ahmed, Akolade Idris Bakare, brahim Ahmed Ibrahim Ali, Muhammad Ehsan Ali, Tahar Laoui


Oral Formation of metallic states between insulating SnO and SnO2

A. Albar, Z. Wang, H. N. Alshareef, U. Schwingenschlögl


Oral Tunable dual-species Bose-Einstein condensates of 39K and 87Rb

Ridha Horchani, L. Wacker, N. B. Jørgensen, D. Birkmose, W. Ertmer, C. Klempt, N. Winter, J. Sherson, J.J. Arlt


Poster Chemical modification on dental orthodontic wire for suppression of metal ions elution

Shigeaki ABE, Satoshi TSUCHIYA, Yasuhiro YOSHIDA, Junichiro IIDA


Poster Nanogold and nanosilver catalysts for CO andoctanol oxidation

Alexey Pestryakov, E. Kolobova, N. Bogdanchikova, V. Cortés Corberán, Y. Kotolevich, M.H. Farias


Poster Structural, Elastic, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of the full Heusler Compound Ti2NiX X = (Al, Ga and In )

Abdelkader Boudali, Zemouli Mostefa, Tarik Ouahrani, Fatiha Saadaoui, Mohamed dris khodja


Poster Sensing application of V2O5 thin films

K. Ayouz- Chebout, R. Tala-Ighil, K. Mhammedi, S. Sam, N. Gabouze


Poster Topography and Photocurrent Mapping of III-V Photovoltaic Cells Using the Near Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM)

L. Sfaxi, W. Rouis, M. Haggui, S. Rekaya, R. M’ghaieth, H. Maaref, P. Fumagalli


Poster Microstructural Properties of ZnO Powder Nanostructures Prepared by Mechanical Alloying

Oudjertli Salah, Bensalem Rachid, Alleg Safia, J. J. Suñol, Mohamed Bououdina, Miloud Ibrir


Oral Oxide Semiconductors for Transparent Electronics Applications

Husam N. Alshareef, Zhenwi Wang, Pradipta Nayak


Poster Er silicate nanowire light source for silicon photonics

Xingjun Wang, Chao Xu, Rui Ye, Zhiping zhou