Oral Morphological, Structural and Optical Properties of Porous Silicon Nanowires (PSiNWr) Film Elaborated on N-Si Substrate

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YADDADEN Chafiaa M. A. Benamar N. Gabouze M. Berouaken S. Sam A. Keffous L. Guerbouze


In The last years, nanostructures of materials, as the porous silicon nanowires (PSiNWs), have been used extensively studiedfor the development of several chemical, electro-chemical and biologic sensors, because of their physical and chemicalcharacteristics. The PSiNWs present a unique property, like the biocompatibility and the multifunctional. The PSiNWscan be elaborated from lightly n-type (100) silicon substrate by Ag assisted chemical etching method. After porous siliconnanowires growth a multitude of charatcterisation by different techniques has been carried out as, scanning electron microscopy(SEM), spectrophotometry (reflexion-transmission), photoluminescence (PL), infrared spectroscopy and secondary ion massspectrometry (SIMS).As interesting results, a reflectance value lower than 2% and a strong photoluminescence signal, with a pic centered at the600 nm have been found from the elaborated samples. Finally, the obtained results can find application in low-cost and highefficiency porous silicon nanowires based solar cells.

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