Research Articles

Over Expression of NOS2 in Ragged-red Fibers from Patients with Mitochondrial Disorders due to Mutations in mtDNA

Valeria Guglielmi, Matteo Marini, Giuliano Tomelleri, Gaetano Vattemi

07-13 |

Altered Anterior Insular Asymmetry in Pre-teen and Adolescent Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jeremy Cohen, Taylor Smith, Khalil Thompson, Armond Collins, Tracey Knaus, Helen Tager-Flusberg

24-35 |

The Impact of Dialogic Learning on Students’ Attention and Academic Achievement

Ali Nouri, Fataneh Esmaeilli, Saman Seifpour, Mahmoud Talkhabi, Anahita Khorami

47-55 |

Symmetrical Central Tegmental Tract Hyperintensity on T2-weighted Images in Pediatrics

Carlo Augusto Mallio, Johan Van Goethem, Timo De Bondt, Luc van den Hauwe, Bruno Beomonte Zobel, Carlo Cosimo Quattrocchi, Paul M. Parizel

85-93 |

Review Article

The Impact of Sports-Related Concussions on the Language System

Patrick S Ledwidge

36-46 |

Spirituality, Universal Love and Sustainable Behaviour

Rohana Ulluwishewa

66-76 |

Case Report

Illicit Sympathomimetic Drug Abuse in Demyelinating Diseases

Rose Jeppesen, Christoffer Frederik Bang Jensen, Michael Stormly Hansen, Shanu Faerch Roemer

14-20 |

Letter to Editor

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